5 ways to the real 3 B’s: Bride, Breath and Beauty

Style & Beauty tips 4 Mar 2019
5 ways to the real 3 B’s: Bride, Breath and Beauty

Dear bride, you will be beautiful on your special day. A running nose in front of your groom is not a nice option. Unfortunately the cold season frequently tends to hit nose, bronchi and lungs: now it’s time to strengthen them so that during the spring you will be less vulnerable to allergies. Let’s see together all the benefits coming from properly breathing:

1. Improved energy and good cheer
Adjust your posture so that your spine is as straight as possible. Consciously breathe in and out through the nose, engaging the diaphragm. This will positively affect your nervous system by producing hormones like oxytocin and prolactin.

2. Less stress and anxiety
When you feel burned out, breathe deeply by pushing the diaphragm down and letting your belly spontaneously fill up: you will activate your vagus nerve and regain a sense of deep calm.

3. Bye Bye Pain
Breathing deeply and regularly lowers any kind of physical pain, either from a trauma or a chronic condition. 5 to 10 minutes a day of deep breaths makes the body produce endorphins, which are powerful and natural pain relievers.

4. More resilience and lucidity
Improved performance in sports is one of the benefits. Plus, increasing the lungs capacity reduces acidity that otherwise, in time, would damage your neurons and your mind abilities.

5. Toxins and free radicals, get out!
Breathing correctly helps you to eliminate the body’s physiological waste and it stimulates the lymphatic system, so it drains the body from water retention. No more swollen like balloons, no more being overweight.