Wedding Dresses

Elisabetta Polignano

Elisabetta Polignano’s wedding dress line originates from a vital ‘concept’: Freedom. A woman’s freedom to be herself at all times, even in a wedding dress, in a tailor-made garment perfect for her personality and figure.

The careful search for the finest fabrics, combined with light lines and precious details, create a perfect synergy between the elements: sensual transparencies, plumetis, glitter, three-dimensional and net lace, stylised flowers and small hand-crafted butterflies, which give the dress freshness and uniqueness.

In addition to classic white, the wedding dresses in the collection include other shades such as powder, silver and warm ivory to allow the most eclectic brides feel free to choose the shade that best represents their personality.

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Elisabetta Polignano



Tailor-made dresses embellished with details and fabrics of the highest quality, skilfully combining tradition and innovation, for a bride who is free to be who she is: free in her exclusive made-to-measure dress and in her 'freedom'.