EP Profumo

“The art of bridal fashion merges with the world of high-class fragrances, in a perfect union of elegance, style, and sophistication”. Our new fragrance is a symphony of delicate and captivating notes, designed to accompany you on the most special day of your life.

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An explosion of Italian fruits and citrus, reminiscent of the “pure energy” that characterises Elisabetta Polignano’s atelier, with a typically national touch. Sicilian lemon, peach, and orange blossom are the top notes, combined with heart notes represented by extracts of chinotto, pomegranate, and bitter lemon. The base notes suggest, in addition to the dominant lemon, citrus flowers and bergamot. A 100ml bottle of pure perfume (without dyes) made in Italy, with a unisex fragrance, crafted using an ancient maturation process and housed in a square Italian glass bottle, sealed with an important white wenge wood cap, reflects the craftsmanship of the brand and the classicism of wedding gowns. A perfume with sensual yet fresh and sparkling scents, just like the personality of our brand.

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