Something special for the 2019 New York brides

Something special for the 2019 New York brides

The New York Bridal Fashion Week is coming and you want to fall in love at first sight with the wedding dress that is perfect for you. The official images of Elisabetta Polignano new Bridal Collections are available: discover the passionate ideal that lives behind the beauty of her wedding gowns!

All begins with an inspiration: “My 2019 bridal collections are a tribute to the figure of the woman, the ‘prime mover’ of the world and a boundless source of love and energy” Elisabetta says. From the shabby chic brides to the most sophisticated, from the unconventional women to the super romantics, she has created wedding dresses that are suitable to all tastes, to reflect the uniqueness of each woman and to express a revolutionary ideal of femininity. Be aware, because these special gowns will definitely lead the 2019 bridal fashion!

Among all wedding dress designers participating at the coming Bridal Fashion Week, we’re sure that Elisabetta Polignano Italian excellence will win NYC over. The credit goes to the unmistakable top quality fabrics and materials, of course, but also the original and creative elements. Green light for capes, mini jackets and other add-ons. Bold colors but also more classic shades. All with the usual balance, elegance and high wearability that make Elisabetta Polignano’s style unique.

As anticipated, a selection of the new collection will be at Domenico Vacca in NYC tomorrow, but there’s more… An exclusive Capsule collection, created on purpose for the occasion, will be presented too! “New York has always been a wonderful adventure and exciting experience for me” Elisabetta Polignano has revealed. “NYC is incredibly inspiring and that is why I have dedicated to the City an exclusive Capsule collection: it’s a series of elegant and glossy evening dresses, which recall the city’s many glares and everlasting charme, the lure and magic of its architecture, its spectacular and magnificent skyline, its unbridled modernity and powerful energy”. Surprise! Another act of love, this time for a special city, a special occasion and each special powerful woman.