Freedom and awareness: the new 2021 Collections

Freedom and awareness: the new 2021 Collections

A globetrotter bride who loves herself and her planet: freedom is the keyword for the new 2021 Collections by Elisabetta Polignano. “A Collection of harmony and balance, of lightness and little unexpected bursts of magic that make every dress unique, like all the women who wear them” says Elisabetta Polignano. In her new Collection elegance is a passionate celebration of every living being, particularly in this delicate historic moment we are going through.

So here it comes: single-shoulders gowns and asymmetrical necklines, stylistic elements that create movement even in the most restrained dress, giving liveliness and an unexpected touch that always surprises. Of course, all handmade with Italian high-quality fabrics and the stylistic research that leads the designer to create visual suggestions that are always new and contemporary.

Transformability and light and refined accessories distinguish the ‘Elisabetta Polignano’ Haute Couture line: sensual transparencies, plumetis, glitter, three-dimensional and mesh lace, and hand-embroidered stylized flowers and little butterflies on each gown.

In the ‘Vision’ line the gowns are pure lightness, thanks to the presence of tulle and chiffon, with transparencies and embossed flowers similar to coral, which contrast with the geometry of Chantilly lace. For the woman who loves tradition but wants to affirm her uniqueness, the ‘Classic’ line with all must-have bridal fabrics: organza, mikado, chiffon and cady.