Bridal gowns by Elisabetta Polignano: get inspired

Elisabetta Polignano 10 Mar 2015
Bridal gowns by Elisabetta Polignano: get inspired


What it feels like to dress a bride’s personality

Elisabetta Polignano is not the average wedding stylist. She is an artist whose brides-to-be represent her muses: each client inspires her constantly in an enchanting process of design and creation. This intense and passionate workflow starts from the stylist’s handmade sketch on paper, it goes through the accurate choice of the most precious fabrics (100% made in Italy) and it only ends when the gown is dressed by the woman who chose Elisabetta as her personal guide. Each of these journeys into deep empathy and creativity is tailor made and different for each client. Elisabetta finds inspiration in the brides themselves: she loves to meet them personally, hear their wishes, discover their tastes, sense their dreams, imagine their hopes, explore their attitude. “To dress a bride’s personality” is Elisabetta’s strongest aim. She is not the average wedding stylist because she doesn’t just create a wedding dress that her client “likes”. She works both with empathy and dazzling creativity to design a bridal gown that can elicit a true, deep affection in her client because the lines, the colors, the details and the fabric are the very measures with which the client represents her own identity. Not every stylist is able to achieve this personal touch. And Elisabetta’s personal touch is pure magic.

Working so close with so many different kinds of women – and being herself incredibly innovative and assertive – Elisabetta has the capacity to design unconventional and very surprising bridal gowns, exactly suitable to different kinds of personality: she plays with colors, she explores elegance and sobriety, she digs deep into diverse ways of style making, ending up with absolutely original creations and antiordinary, but yet so glamorous and stunning results. Her creations tend to speak freely for different types of psychological profiles, thus breaking the norms of conventionality of color and manners. The only way a stylist can do this at an advanced level is to have a very solid background in fashion design and a strong, multifaceted competence in dressmaking techniques. Like every big artist, you first must know the rules, if you want to break them. Elisabetta can consider herself a true innovator because she has deep roots in fashion culture: she grew up in Putignano, the Italian capital of bridal gowns, and started to collaborate as an apprentice with various craft workshops in her early adolescence. As an adult, she carried on her studies in Milan, the Italian capital of haute couture. It was here that Elisabetta observed and investigated those elements of style, exactitude, refinement and experimentation which she learned to transfer to the world of bridal wear.

The brand Elisabetta Polignano was founded in 1997. Nowadays, Elisabetta Polignano gowns are sold in two single-brand ateliers and in roughly fifty showrooms in Italy, Switzerland, East Europe, Japan and USA.

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