The bridal trends in 2021: conscious and responsible beauty

Elisabetta Polignano 15 Jan 2021
The bridal trends in 2021: conscious and responsible beauty

2020 was a complicated year, but Elisabetta Polignano has never lost hope and confidence in a recovery for 2021. It does not mean denying the difficulties, if anything, facing each day with determination and always working with the same passion.

Many in the bridal industry anticipate a strongly increasing number of weddings in 2021, as a reaction to the stop suffered in the recent months. The trends speak for themselves: ethical choices, comfort and naturalness, with versatile looks that never give up on elegance. Off to midweek and outdoor weddings, in the name of spontaneity and lightness.

A conscious choice of suppliers is very much required. Price and style are not the only criteria of choice for couples any longer: great attention is also paid to sustainability. Elisabetta Polignano’s guarantee is called “handmade”: her 100% Made in Italy collections imply high-quality fabrics, transformability and versatility, and as little waste of material as possible.

This is how she contributes in building a future in which brides make their dream come true. Respect for the environment, for the people who work in the supply chain and for the women who choose to wear nothing but the best.