Elisabetta Polignano is close to her brides

Elisabetta Polignano 27 Mar 2020
Elisabetta Polignano is close to her brides

In the last weeks, with the spreading of coronavirus worldwide, many brides had to postpone their wedding day or maybe just their wedding dress fitting. During these turbulent times, Elisabetta Polignano is close to her brides, while the ongoing lockdown keeps separating people from each other.

Of course it is a heartbreaking situation. Also, postponing their special day is a tough decision to make for brides-to-be, one we totally empathize with. We want to share our love with each one of you, wherever in the world you are right now. Please know that you are not alone and, in the Elisabetta Polignano’s world, there is always space for you, even if we can’t meet in person and hug right now.

Here are our two cents, in case you really have to plan your wedding day on a different date. We recommend to consult all your suppliers, your family, your wedding planner if you have hired one, before you take any decision. You may want to consider unusual dates, such as weekdays or December. Also, don’t feel bad in case you will have to postpone more than once: everyone will understand.

Let’s keep up all together! Elisabetta Polignano, from her home in Italy, sends her love to all of you.