Glamorous date in the heart of Manhattan

Elisabetta Polignano 14 Sep 2018
Glamorous date in the heart of Manhattan

It is with her usual passion and enthusiasm that our favorite bridal stylist Elisabetta Polignano will be in NYC for a charming event. We’re talking about a whole Italian experience: next 4 October her 100% made in Italy creations will be hosted at the exclusive Domenico Vacca’s club.

Elisabetta has selected the best of her new Bridal Collection to represent all women’s strength, courage and passion. It’s going to be a revolutionary poetry that celebrates free, modern, brave women. An authentic explosion of pure Italian love, energy and determination.

Details are really appreciated when it comes to bridal dressmaking and Italy represents the excellence in terms of textiles and design: it’s not by chance that the event is happening at the fashionable and chic Domenico Vacca. All Elisabetta’s dresses are handmade, she follows personally all crafting process and she is committed to deliver not only a wedding dress, but the gown that matches exactly the next-to-be bride’s personality and that follows perfectly the lines of her body for an impeccable fit. Each piece is unique because it is adapted to flatter the bride’s figure, complexion, personal style. Group 868 knows well when they say that Elisabetta’s dresses have a perfect fit and are fabulous: the exhibit of the new collection will be also at the ritzy showroom of NYC from October 4th till 8th.

Entrance is by appointment and restricted to press and buyers only, but we promise to peek and keep you updated. It’s time for the Italian couture to rock your world! Stay tuned and follow Elisabetta Polignano on social media to find out more about this unforgettable Italian experience.

Photo: Elisabetta at work, designing her creations