True love is for all women in the world

Elisabetta Polignano 25 Jan 2019
True love is for all women in the world

It feels like home, when you are intimate with some culture you are fond of. Elisabetta Polignano travels a lot to bring her creations in the world: United States, Japan, Emirates… every time it is a love encounter.

She builds authentic and long relationships, that’s why she has reached the hearts of those women who want to be theirselves, living the fairytale in their own true story. That is why her gowns are so much appreciated worldwide: each woman has her own taste, and each dress is conceived and handmade to perfectly fit her body and personality.

Elisabetta is going to Japan again. Japanese brides have always loved her great care for each detail, her accuracy in creating what better fits. With elegant and creative gowns made of precious textiles, in trending colors, Elisabetta is bearer of the authentic Made in Italy worldwide recognized in terms of top quality and design.

Over 10 years of love with the Japanese brides are a proof of international confidence, of knowing how to touch a woman’s heart and meet her culture. The appointment is in Kyoto, February 4th and 5th, for a preview of Elisabetta Polignano’s bridal collections. Don’t miss the opportunity to find the perfect wedding dress that fits your personality.