‘A thousand girlish fantasies’ and ‘a dash of badass style’

‘A thousand girlish fantasies’ and ‘a dash of badass style’

That is how The Bridal Council has described the Elisabetta Polignano collections. Our designer and her husband and General Manager Dario Mongioy were interviewed for the Dynamic Duo column, to talk about how they share work and life.

As in fact you can perceive from the 2020 Collections, a world made of girlish dreams meets the strong personality and bold statements that come with the details and choice of colors, the visionary energy and romantic mood put together.

“I always look for new design solutions and keep reaching for perfection” Elisabetta says in the interview. “Inspirations are everywhere, each situation can be the spark that induces a creative process”. Her pure Italian creativity is what leads her and that is how she wears each bride’s personality, with those 100% Made in Italy wedding dresses she is recognized for internationally. 

“One of the most important goals of my job is to make Elisabetta feel as free as possible to create, to prepare her dresses, to focus on the fittings with the brides, and many other things” tells Dario. They work and live together through this beautiful journey, with the mission of bringing love and authenticity into the bridal world, to make all women fulfill their dreams.