Elisabetta Polignano’s runway show 2016: interview at Giuliana Parabiago

Elisabetta Polignano 11 Aug 2015
Elisabetta Polignano’s runway show 2016: interview at Giuliana Parabiago

Many journalists and fashion directors were blown away by Elisabetta Polignano’s latest runway show in Milan, on May 22nd 2015. We collected their comments right after the show, and felt their radical enchantment. Among the most positive impressions we can surely mention Giuliana Parabiago ’s review of the collections. Parabiago is mostly renowned for her recent role as editor-in-chief at Vouge Sposa, the Italian, bridal edition of the popular magazine. We’re literally stunned by her detailed and fantastic comments.

“The first impressions of this show are amazing! I have the feeling that new concepts have been presented”, says Giuliana, “yet remaining true to the bride, which is the most important thing for me”. Surprise factors are something that definitely counts in a bridal collection, she adds: “There are lots of surprise factors here and I believe that a wedding gown must leave you gasping. Among these factors I could appreciate the tridimensional fabrics and the way they were wrapped up in order to create stoles or ribbons”.

Color was also relevant: “I could appreciate new colors such as gold and silver. They were never heavy, though, they were just a delicate touch on the gowns”. What Parabiago mostly appreciated was how balanced these new collections look like: “I could see so many great concepts, including the Indian theme, which was anyway quite subtle and never overwhelming. I found Elisabetta really well balanced in her style. She has an amazing harmony”.

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