Italian style secrets revealed in NYC

Italian style secrets revealed in NYC

Well, not so secret after all: all you have to do is get to know Elisabetta Polignano or, at least, read this post. The Bridal Fashion Week in NYC is coming and our stylist’s creations will be there. We thought you might want to be prepared in advance: what makes Elisabetta Polignano bridal collections worth falling in love with?

The story begins in Putignano, Italian capital of bridal gowns. Elisabetta grew up there and she started very soon to work as an apprentice at several crafting workshops. She carried on her studies in Milan, the Italian capital of haute couture, and there she learned all about style, accuracy, refinement and experimentation, bringing all to the world of bridal wear.

What makes Italian creations so special? It’s not just about creativity. It is the selection of fabrics and materials, the care for details and the excellent manufacture that make the difference. Next 4 October at Domenico Vacca’s club press and buyers can get in touch with this Italian excellence (only by appointment): Elisabetta Polignano will present some of her best creations from the 2019 Bridal Collection. Precious details, finish, textiles, colors and volumes, merging into unusual and creative design: an authentic Italian experience.

Meeting Elisabetta means getting in touch with Made in Italy perfection and authenticity. Her innovative and empathic personality is what makes worldwide brides love her. Of course the fact that she receives them personally and she consequently designs tailor-made dresses according to each bride’s personality and body makes it easier!

So, do you feel like showing off about your competence in Italian style and manufacture? Hurry up! A few days left before the start of #NYBFW!