Made in Italy dreams

Elisabetta Polignano 13 Nov 2020
Made in Italy dreams

Wedding dress designers make a woman’s dream come true. Elisabetta Polignano knows this well and she makes women happy by creating 100% Made in Italy garments. There is so much more in it, though.

“Made in Italy is synonymous with respect for brides, work environments, professionalism and workers’ rights” Polignano says. “This is why it has an inestimable and indispensable value that I learned to know as a young woman and I will always pursue.”

According to our favorite bridal designer, it is all about enhancing both the bride’s personality and shape. “This can only be done by carefully choosing all the fabrics, strictly made in Italy, to realize a tailored garment from top to bottom” she explains.

“When we talk about Made in Italy, we consider an entire quality guarantee system, of which the dress is the final result” she adds. There is so much in your dream wedding dress… Make it come true through the authentic Made in Italy.