‘Made in Italy’ is an act of love

Elisabetta Polignano 28 Sep 2018
‘Made in Italy’ is an act of love

The first thing you should know when it comes to “Made in Italy” wedding dresses is that Elisabetta Polignano is not just a stylist, she really cares. Her creativity flows from the very first handmade sketch on paper to the accurate choice of the most precious fabrics, with the ultimate purpose of dressing the bride’s personality.

Brides are her muses and that is why each gown is unique and 100% Italian made: “An authentic made in Italy piece is all about top manufacture, quality, originality, know-how and deep respect for the job of everyone involved” she says. That is so clear when you have the opportunity to touch her creations, feeling the quality of the textiles and perceiving that pure love she put in.

Details are extremely important to Elisabetta. “Designing and manufacturing a wedding dress in Italy means excellent quality. I personally take care of style, fabrics and materials, giving deep consideration to details and finish” she adds.

Choosing high quality fabrics and materials is pivotal. In her words: “When a dress is tailor-made you can trace everything about it: where the fabric comes from, how it is realized. Italian materials, design and manufacturing make the difference. My creations are all and entirely handmade, each seam fixed and refined. You immediately recognize the finest fabrics, they are so pleasing to the touch! The dress envelops your body, naturally following its shape”.

Low quality or synthetic materials, on the contrary, build up static and they don’t adapt to the body, there is no sartorial competence at all there. “Italian professionals are creative, we have great ideas and we also know how to make them real” she explains.

Elisabetta designs unconventional and very surprising bridal gowns, suitable to any personality: she plays with colors, she explores both elegance and sobriety, ending up with absolutely original and not ordinary creations. Her long standing experience in fashion design and high competence in dressmaking techniques was built in the Bel Paese: her ‘Made in Italy’ is authentic and so much heart-felt, it is an act of pure love.