Bridal Fashion Week 2019: the Italian dream in America

Elisabetta Polignano 11 Oct 2019
Bridal Fashion Week 2019: the Italian dream in America

We’re back from NYC and as always it has been a magic experience. This year Elisabetta Polignano has brought the dreamy and fabulous personality of her 2020 Collection, which totally merged with the urban and cosmopolitan atmosphere of the Big Apple.

That’s exactly the point: women are a source of inspiration and magic worldwide. Each bride, with her own personality, is a mix of grace and strength, innocence and determination. That is how Elisabetta Polignano created the 2020 Collection to dress a contemporary woman who wants to recognize her uniqueness and how her powerful individuality doesn’t exclude the lightness of being playful as a child.

The New York Bridal Fashion Week has been another opportunity for us to represent the bride’s true colors. Because what is life without a little bit of fun, lightness and purity? It is your authenticity that counts and your wedding dress should show that about yourself.