Soon in NYC with the 2020 Collections

Elisabetta Polignano 20 Sep 2019
Soon in NYC with the 2020 Collections

So many times Elisabetta Polignano has traveled to NYC, one of her favorite cities. Now the 2020 Collections are ready to travel and they will be presented this October in the Big Apple. It will be lovely to share there too the inspiration that led to this new collection.

Elisabetta Polignano cares so much for the brides she wears in the whole world, that she never stops traveling and bringing her creativity everywhere. With the 2020 Collections there will be an even more magic atmosphere, since the new garments express both the delicacy of childhood dreams and the strength of contemporary women.

Guess how delightfully this fits in a cosmopolitan city such as New York, both dreamy and dynamic as it is? Stay tuned and wait for the tale of the event.