Elisabetta Polignano’s runway show 2016: interview at Rachel Leonard

Elisabetta Polignano’s runway show 2016: interview at Rachel Leonard

Elisabetta Polignano’s latest fashion show took place last May 22nd and her brand new bridal collections have been presented in a charming and sophisticated Palazzo Visconti, right in the middle of San Babila, one of the poshiest neighborhoods of Milan, Italy (you can read more here about it).

Radical enchantment was our strongest impression and the attendees were literally all blown away by Elisabetta’s creativity, novelty and Indian fascination. Reviews have been more than positive and Rachel Leonard, Fashion Director at Brides USA is a living proof of that.

“I thought Elisabetta did a very beautiful job”, she claims, “I loved the Indian theme. She has a gorgeous European styling and her fit is pretty. I loved all the sculptural pieces and all the capes and the flowiness of these new dresses”. Tridimensionality was indeed one of the most creative features of these brand new collections and decorative elements were all remarkable, both on the prints and in the accessories, where we could see both golden capes as well as big ribbons.

“It was almost boho look for a part of the collections” says Rachel, “she had a wide variety of fabrics which she played with, they’re very very pretty”. Talking about colors, Rachel mostly appreciated the soft and nuded tones: “I think a lot of girls would be interested in that, just for a little color accent!” she comments. “Also, I thought the gold was kinda fun: it could be gorgeous both on a wedding dress or on a night dress for the after party, maybe at the beach or during a hot summer day. She had a good wide variety of looks!”.

Listen to Rachel’s full interview by clicking on the video above and let us know what you think in the comments down below!