New Collection 2019: that precious rose touch

Elisabetta Polignano 21 Sep 2018
New Collection 2019: that precious rose touch

Quintessential bridal flower, symbol of love, evergreen gift, muse for artists, writers, poets and painters. Also, greatly celebrated element in the new Bridal Collections by Elisabetta Polignano. We’re talking about roses, what else?

Special and recurrent details in many of the 2019 creations, our dear stylist designs roses in many ways: blossoming from romantic laces, embroidered in silk, patterned, in colored leather and more. It is a homage to Rosa Genoni, whose name already recalls these beautiful flowers: her dresses were enriched by patterned roses. She has been the developer of a ‘Made in Italy’ sensitivity back in the early 20th century and, for that, she is considered a pioneer of the Italian fashion.

Queen of all blossoms, rose is the perfect royal flower for the exclusive coming event in NYC at Domenico Vacca’s club, planned for next 4 October. Elisabetta has selected some of her beautiful gowns to be shown there, for an Italian experience offered to the press and buyers participating only by appointment.

Henri Matisse said that “there is nothing more difficult for a truly creative painter than to paint a rose, because before he can do so he has first to forget all the roses that were ever painted”. Every year many new crossbred varieties pop up. They join beauty contests, they win prizes and trophies, they embellish the most beautiful gardens worldwide and, who knows, maybe they will be part of your bouquet!

Not only roses are the ideal choice to express feelings, even the color is important: red is for passion, coral is for desire, white is for pure spiritual love, pink to show affection, yellow talks about jealousy.

And you, dear bride, do you like roses? Let us know in the comments below how your feelings are expressed in your personalized wedding dress by Elisabetta Polignano.