The perfect dress, as told by the press

Elisabetta Polignano 18 Sep 2020
The perfect dress, as told by the press

Many magazines have interviewed Elisabetta Polignano since her Collections have grown and become every woman’s dream. In a recent article on an Italian magazine she has been invited to tell more about her work, which is based on the inspiration she gets from the brides and the reality that surrounds her to create the perfect dress.

The gowns I design are inspired by women of today, they tell about all women’s life and nature” she says. For Elisabetta each wedding dress is “an experience to honor and express the brides’ personality”. Her creations are unique: they are created, designed and made by her in person, and they represent the most authentic Made in Italy.

“Each one of my creations are meant to unite fine tradition and stylistic innovation” explains Elisabetta. “Tradition means celebrating love between two people who want to share commitment and passion about their journey together. Innovation consists in observing the evolution of women through time, with all their passions and fragilities, ideas and emotions”.

Each woman is perfect exactly as she is. That is why the perfect wedding dress must fit not only her body but also her personality.