Welcome back, dear brides!

Elisabetta Polignano 23 Aug 2019
Welcome back, dear brides!

After the summer break, you are invited to enter again the Elisabetta Polignano’s world. As always, you’ll read many useful and inspiring tips to help you through your experience with anything concerning your marriage, relationships, traveling and more.

Here is something more about the 2020 Collection that you had peeked on here on the blog! Enjoy the fashion show shooting and get ready for the next articles, which will give you more and more hints about your favorite brand.

As always, you will get to know the authentic 100% Made in Italy. The precious textiles allow the brides to live a dream, with their featherlight top quality. The new collection is about sharing eternal values, with this joyful and childish lightness. Be the amazing, strong, magic woman you are and celebrate your love… keep reading us!