What you should know before your fitting

Elisabetta Polignano 14 Jun 2019
What you should know before your fitting

Are you ready for your perfect wedding dress? The first thing to do is choosing it, of course. You are looking for something unique, which perfectly fits your body but also your personality.

You want to find exquisite garments, which are made with love and precious textiles, the top quality materials that only the authentic 100% Made in Italy boasts. Elisabetta Polignano puts her purely Italian creativity in each gown she designs, in order to dress each single bride according to their true self. That’s why she loves to meet them in person and follow them through the fitting.

“To me the first fitting is an opportunity to listen, as a start. I want to get to know the bride’s dreams, her personality, who she is for real, her life’s journey” Elisabetta explains. “Then there is a second phase, when the dress is tried on: my mission is giving to each bride not only the dress she chooses with her eyes, but also what she chooses with her heart”.

And you, are you ready for your first fitting? Who will come with you? It is a very special day and you should be followed by someone who really can see your beautiful heart.