Top 5 wedding etiquette questions

Wedding Planning 22 Mar 2019
Top 5 wedding etiquette questions

1. What are the general rules for addressing wedding invitations?
Spell out titles and degrees and always use “Mr. and Mrs.” for married couples. If they live together put their names on separate lines in alphabetical order. As for children, list them on the inner envelope only, not on the outer one.

2. What are the best man’s responsibilities?
Among other things, he takes care of: the bachelor party, the groomsmen’s formal-wear fitting, the groom’s attire, the honeymoon travel reservations, the bride’s ring. He organizes the groomsmen for formal pictures, dances with the maid of honor and makes sure that the getaway car is ready.

3. What are the maid of honor’s responsibilities?
Among other things, he takes care of: the bridal shower, the bridesmaid’s activities, the groom’s ring, any organizational wedding planning tasks. She helps the bride dress on her wedding day and holds her bouquet at the altar. She dances with the best man at the reception, organizes the bridesmaids for formal photographs, helps the bride change her clothes before leaving for honeymoon.

4. Do we really need to feed the band?
Some bands and professionals involved in your wedding will stipulate in their contracts that hey must be fed. If not, it would be a nice gesture anyways.

5. When do we send thank-you notes, and what should we say?
Engagement party and shower: within two to three weeks of the festivities; gifts sent before the wedding date: as soon as possible, but definitely before the wedding; gifts given on the day itself: within three months; gifts received after your wedding: within two to three weeks. As for what to say, mention the gift by name, how you’ll use it and express your appreciation: just be gracious and sincere.

Source: Bridal Guide