Best honeymoon in Italy during the cold season

Honeymoon 12 Nov 2018
Best honeymoon in Italy during the cold season

You have been dreaming about it. You have started planning it in your mind, since the very first moment you and your sweetheart got engaged. You have always had a thing for Italy and all concerning it! No surprise you want to spend your honeymoon there.

Yes, but what destinations to choose during the cold season? It is true that the Mediterranean weather is mild and nice most of the year but, depending on the area, you might find rain, fog and even snow.

The point is not the weather, but rather the most romantic Italian spots in the cold seasons. Starting from the cities: most tourists aim at Venice for their Italian vacations and it is definitely peculiar and romantic, but only if you don’t mind the humidity and the fog. Florence is beautiful and maybe more enjoyable during the cold weather: take a stroll downtown, go crazy visiting all the shops lined up one next to the other, and if it rains you will be protected under the characteristic covered walkways.

If you love the charming and nostalgic views, let the cold season bring you to Rome: it is rainy especially in November, but Christmas time is perfect with all the churches to visit and the ancient Roman ruins at every corner.

If you are into skiing or simply love the snow, go for a white Christmas in the Italian mountains: explore the olympic peaks of Val di Susa, the pink sunset of Gran Sasso, the majestic view from Monte Bianco.

Wear multiple layers of light warm clothing and bring your rain boots anyways, but make sure your Italian honeymoon is complete by enjoying the cuisine, the customs and the welcoming warmth of the people. Buon viaggio!