11 European destinations to let your colors shine

Honeymoon 31 Aug 2018
11 European destinations to let your colors shine

Europe is always a good idea for romance, wether you’re planning a pre-wedding getaway or your majestic honeymoon. But which destination fits you best? Let your true colors show in the old continent’s most romantic hotspots, where you lovers can fall head over heels again and again.

You see red hearts everywhere, your head is full of love songs, you swoon over romantic city breaks or go bananas near Valentine’s Day to please your sweetheart? Please go straight this way: start from Paris, where love and passion are truly in the air all year long. Take in the fabulous sight of the Tour Eiffel, visit Montmartre, cruise on the Seine and don’t miss the magnificent taste of French cuisine. Or choose Praga to admire the view from the Petrin Hill, stroll hand in hand on the Charles Bridge, look into each other’s eyes during a candle-lit dinner in front of the Castle.

Maybe you’re looking for a blue paradise? Then you are a sea lover. For you there is Ibiza, Spain, or Mykonos, Greece, both very romantic islands if you go for a shoulder-season trip, when there are fewer tourists. You would be enchanted also by Corfù, the most popular island of the Ionian Sea, where villages are dotted with white houses, Byzantine churches and Venetian fortresses. Same magic in Rodi, pearl of the Aegean Sea, and in Santorini, where you will hug each other under the most beautiful sunset in the world.

Your blue desires are satisfied with all these sea destinations, but in case you want to see la vie en rose too, let’s get both things in the French Riviera: pink is the color of romanticism and optimism, but also of everything classy and bon ton. Ever been to Nice? It’s a flawless place, with its quaint Cours Saleya flower market and the suggestive Matisse Museum. Keep looking through rose-colored glasses in Cannes, where you will be a celebrity walking along the Croisette: stay away from paparazzi and media chaos in May though, during the famous Film Festival!

Charming villages and wavy hills are your favorites? You are the green type then and your romantic escape would be best located in the idyllic Costwolds, the quiet region scattered by picturesque cottages through the quintessentially English countryside: drive on the so called “Romantic Road”, it’s worth the experience as it sounds.

Last but not least, white is obviously the color for the next-to-be bride. If you love remote places and unblemished vistas, hit the Svalbard Islands: between Norway and the North Pole, it is a unique destination where you lovebirds (or we should say penguins) can feel the eternity while looking at the northern lights. To freeze time but not your nose, you might want to go in late autumn, when humidity is lowest.

Of course your sweetheart will always “see your true colors, so don’t be afraid to let them show”, as Cindy Lauper sings, and pick your favorite destination together no matter what!

And you, what are your true colors and what Euro-trip type are you? Tell us in the comments below!