Honeymoon in May: African islands

Honeymoon 29 Apr 2019
Honeymoon in May: African islands

So many couples get married in May: in fact it is considered the month of the brides par excellence. If you want to enjoy beautiful beaches out of the high season, the African islands are a great option right now.

Cape verde is a beautiful archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Northwest Africa. Some of the islands are flat and sandy, others are rockier with more vegetation. The weather is mild in May and there aren’t so many tourists as there would be in the summer season.

On a Cape Verde honeymoon you can totally embrace relaxation on those sandy beaches. If you or your spouse are more into some action, Cape Verde is one of the world’s top windsurfing destinations. Beginners can take advantage of smooth lagoon sailing, whereas the winds create ideal conditions for intermediate and advanced windsurfers.

If you want to share some adventure with your spouse, you could try quad biking: you will glide along white sand beaches and explore some of the most popular attractions. Fishing, diving, hiking are other great options. For sure, you both will love the stunning scenery and warm welcome in these marvelous islands.