Honeymoon: trendy destinations for Millennials

Honeymoon 25 Feb 2019
Honeymoon: trendy destinations for Millennials

If you are a globetrotter and you know everything about new medias and technology, you might be one of them: you are a child of the new generation, a Millennial. Apparently there are some specific destinations that travel experts recommend to people like you.

Here are the trends for Millennial couples who are planning their honeymoon, according to a survey. Traveling usually involves their passions, so each destination mirrors the couple’s main interests and favorite activities.

Many are into mangas and video games, so they choose the most contemporary aspect of the Land of the Rising Sun as their honeymoon destination.

Young eco-tourists and scuba divers have shown to appreciate Australia and especially its Great Barrier Reef.

South Africa and the Indian Ocean
The south of the continent and the islands of the Indian Ocean are chosen for their mix of culture, nature, food and wine.

Millennial couples spend their honeymoon here to explore their spirituality and find some relaxing time at the spas and wellness centers.

United States
All the States, but New York City above all, are the top choices for those who have grown up with movies and tv shows.