A pure Italian experience: discovering ‘borghi’

Honeymoon 26 Jul 2019
A pure Italian experience: discovering ‘borghi’

Have you considered Italy for your honeymoon? If you have, you might enjoy some alternative itineraries to have the most authentic Italian experience. A Borgo is a charming Italian small village from the Renaissance or Middle Age. It is generally built around a castle or a palace and surrounded by walls.

Italy is full of these little jewels that will surprise any adventurous and romantic couple. There are hundreds of options and each region offers an experience of the Italian culture, with artistic and architectural heritage, tradition and enogastronomic treasures.

Find these on the map: Corciano, in Umbria, has narrow streets that open on intimate little squares, light-colored buildings and an outstanding view of the Trasimeno Lake from the top of its hills. Triora, in Liguria, is known as ‘borgo delle streghe’, the village of witches: some magic here brings you back in time and mystery is everywhere.

A lovely choice is Grazie, a Borgo in Lombardia close to the Park of Mincio, a natural reserve that is considered one of the most precious in Northern Italy. If you go in the summer you will be able to see the blossoming of the lotus flowers: book your romantic tour on a boat and enjoy this beauty from the water.