Happy summer, dear brides! See you on the road

Honeymoon 7 Aug 2020
Happy summer, dear brides! See you on the road

Maybe you already know that Elisabetta Polignano is from Puglia, south of Italy. Summer is very hot there, but everywhere in Italy this month of August is really hot. Have you been dreaming of your honeymoon? What are you doing this summer?

Either you have everything planned for next year or you want to arrange a last minute trip, the Covid-19 situation is still being monitored throughout the world. Don’t give your dreams up, maybe we’ll see you in Italy for your honeymoon. In the meanwhile, there is a nice option for couples who want to live a romantic adventure, who are on a budget and want to run free without a schedule, leaving all worries behind.

You might like a Self Drive Honeymoon: rent a nice car or a van and go on the road. Best privacy ever, freedom and spectacular views on the go! Some advice: book your accommodations in advance for each stop and choose a comfortable car like a sedan or a SUV (whit A/C of course, if you’re traveling in the summer!). 

Wherever you are right now, we wish you a wonderful summer! See you soon.