Ho Ho Ho… Honeymoon in Finnish Lapland

Honeymoon 19 Dec 2018
Ho Ho Ho… Honeymoon in Finnish Lapland

Who didn’t dream about visiting Santa’s home as a child? Maybe you didn’t think about spending there your honeymoon: Rovaniemi, the capital of Finnish Lapland, is the hometown of Santa Claus. It is located on the Arctic Circle and it provides lots of activities year round.

What’s in there for newlyweds, besides the peaceful wilderness a few minutes away from the lively town with shops, restaurants and cafés? Here are some romantic highlights: you can experience the magic of the Aurora Borealis while holding hands, to start with. If you choose to travel in the summer, from early June until early July you can see the famous ‘Midnight Sun’, aka the nightless night or polar day: make a wish your marriage will always be full of light like that!

Being located right on the Arctic circle, Rovaniemi is a gateway to the Arctic: how about that? If you go during Christmas time, look up for the big man’s flying sleigh: Santa Claus Village, a resort in its own right, is only eight kilometers north of the city centre. Here you can realize when you’re crossing the Arctic Circle since the border is clearly marked on the ground: they even give you a certificate for that!

It is said that north of the Arctic Circle hurry and stress don’t exist… that wouldn’t hurt! In case you don’t feel like lounging and want some action instead, enjoy the Arctic Circle Hiking Area: you get the soothing natural beauty of the Arctic but also your dose of adventure. Finally, to satisfy your inner child, go to SantaPark – Santa’s home cavern. From here, you can even cross the Arctic Circle underground, fifty meters below the surface of the Earth.

Accommodations? Plenty of choices. For the most authentic polar experience, stay in one of the suggestive glass igloos: for your reservation, be aware it is generally available only in winter time. Enjoy wood-fired saunas and hot tubs, log-built Lappish kota shelters and all amenities for your most romantic trip ever. It is more than a Christmas experience, you can go all year round. Go meet Santa anytime… and please say hi from all our inner children.

Photo: visitromaniemi.fi