How to get the best from a short trip for two

Honeymoon 23 Nov 2018
How to get the best from a short trip for two

You call it “romantic getaway”, but are you sure you planned it properly? Don’t go crazy, you’re not supposed to try hard to be romantic no matter what! There’s no need to brainstorm about all amorous ways to fill that couple of days you and your sweetheart will share exclusively. There are just a few rules to respect and you’ll get your oh-right-this-is-why-we’re-so-good-together trip!

First of all, go in the off season. Whatever destination you’re considering to host your precious romantic time together, avoid the crowd. Keep it quiet and cozy, so that you can enjoy the most romantic views or the perfect beaches or the amazing monuments… without listening to what the person at one inch from your side thinks about it. Only exception is your partner, of course.

Also, go off the radar! Find a blissfully isolated accommodation, so that your romantic staying is also preserved. You don’t want your few nights out to be spoiled by some noisy guests next to your room. Again, this is a juicy but squeezed travel, so what may seem to be little details… is actually necessary to have the sweetest time in just a weekend.

No “couple’s packages” please! It counts for spas as well as for travel agencies, restaurants and anything that might propose to you “special offers” for two people. There is a risk that it might go to the detriment of quality and it’s not worth the discount, considering you’re having only a short time off.

Relax! No need to visit all cultural spots or all wild trails in just two days… Don’t fill your schedule with all sort of “activities” and leave time for the relaxing part of your vacation. Finally, enjoy your time with all delicious food you want to taste: in two days you will get back home, so this is not the time to start or stay on a cleanse.