A romantic journey, la vie en rose – part II

Honeymoon 30 Nov 2018
A romantic journey, la vie en rose – part II

Here we go, traveling again through the most romantic rose gardens of the world. Last time we were in Europe and we still have something to share from there, but there’s no boundaries when it comes to love: other continents are waiting for you.

Our first stop today is the Princess Grace Rose Garden in Monaco. It is a peaceful experience, among the 300 rose varieties of this German garden. Plus, it is dedicated to the American actress and princess Grace Kelly, the quintessence of grace and femininity… how inspiring!

Speaking of Americans, let’s explore the new continent now, shall we? The Elizabeth Park Rose Garden in Hartford, Connecticut, is the US oldest public rose garden. Brides love it and plan their wedding photography there so often that weekends are always taken, in case you’ll be considering to book it.

Going south, we get to Buenos Aires and discover Rosedal de Palermo, a rose garden part of a larger park hosting a collection of 18,000 roses. Amid the pink blooms you’ll find a pretty white iron bridge, the perfect frame for your love.

Finally, we reach Asia. Sakura Rose Garden is so charming, not that far away from Tokyo, if you want to visit the famous city in Japan. This is a trip for authentic amateurs and lovers, looking for something special: there are 200 rare species, among the thousand variety of roses in the garden.

We end in romance in India, in Chandigarh. Zakir Hussain Rose Garden is one of the world’s largest ones. The most romantic festival is annually held here in late February or early March, when locals compete to become the rose prince and princess. Would you and your sweetheart win the contest? We bet.