End-of-summer blues? Let Cinque Terre cheer you up

Honeymoon 22 Aug 2018
End-of-summer blues? Let Cinque Terre cheer you up

Keep sunny and honeymoon in the Riviera, Italy, a stretch of Mediterranean coastline in the northwestern corner of the country. The UNESCO World Heritage Site Cinque Terre villages are a gorgeous destination with warm weather to bask in for much of the year.

These five traffic-free little towns, nestled in the jagged coast, feature epic vistas from luxurious hotels as well as adorable B&B for a more intimate stay and I-feel-like-a-local apartment rentals. Let’s explore them together:

Very romantic, with a lively waterfront set in a natural harbor surrounded by colorful houses and a ruined castle above.

The biggest of the five, with a charming old town featuring many typical restaurants and shops, and with a big sandy beautiful beach.

A quiet port carved in the rocks with lots of multicolored houses in the Ligurian style and a tiny polished pebbles beach.

More hiking-focused, a waterfront village wrapped in vineyards which make their fair share of excellent wines.

A hilltop village, the only one set away from the water, with fewer tourists it is the most peaceful.

Take the train to visit these pockets of paradise, it is the easiest and most picturesque way to go. Once there, indulge in the perfect blend of activities for your honeymoon: swimming and sunbathing, savoring the Ligurian cuisine or maybe going for a light outdoor adventure. You can enjoy the stunning beaches, lightly touched by a clear blue and emerald sea, or maybe gain a different perspective embarking on the boat and yacht excursions or the helicopter tours, for your dose of jet-set lifestyle. In any case, with stunning destinations like these as go-to spots for celebs, you should start planning your trip pronto!

You can grab a gelato and chit-chat with locals, have the most romantic moonlight dinner by the sea or buy fresh ingredients for a genuinely local cooking. Looking for a treat to savor your sweet time together? Don’t miss the local torta Monterossina, a shell of shortcrust pastry embracing a thin layer of sponge cake, soft custard and delicious melted pure chocolate all kept together by a voile of apricot jam. Yummy!

If sunbathing just doesn’t cut it for you, hiking is one of the top draws here and the best part is that while you go adventurous, it keeps going romantic, with those impeccable views from lush hiking trails and quaint sanctuaries.

See? Here time is suspended for a poetic honeymoon in any season.

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