Spring break honeymoon: top destinations in 2019

Honeymoon 12 Apr 2019
Spring break honeymoon: top destinations in 2019

Honeymooners of 2019, have you packed yet? According to the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) an estimated 107 million people will travel between spring break’s busiest period (14 March – 28 April). Here is where most people want to go.

So popular this year! After Hurricane Maria hit it almost two years ago, San Juan has been thriving again as a travel destination. In fact it’s the gateway to Puerto Rico and plenty of flight routes have made the island more accessible than ever.

Americans love Florida for spring break and you will love it if you’re in search of sunshine and beaches of course. Orlando is the top-trending hotspot in the state but Tampa, Fort Lauderdale and Miami are also on travellers’ radars this year.

The Eternal City’s ancient sites are hard to beat and many holiday makers are interested in visiting the famous Caput Mundi. What will the Bocca della verità (Mouth of Truth) tell you? No secrets allowed between husband and wife… Good luck!

Among the European destinations, London keeps its high position. Who doesn’t want to meet the recently married royal couple, prince Harry and his American love Meghan? Or, you know, you could just enjoy the city and ignore the gossip.

The capital of Spain is an evergreen destination. Corridas, movida and sangría are just a few of the multiple reasons why travelers choose it. Undoubtedly, this is a place where to have plenty of fun. How about you, lovebirds?

Source: Lonely Planet