3 reasons to choose an Italian designer wedding dress

Inspirational 26 Jun 2020
3 reasons to choose an Italian designer wedding dress

Your wedding dress should fit like a glove and show your personality, so that you feel absolutely comfortable on your special day. Here’s why it is always worth investing in a gown that is conceived and realized by an Italian designer.


Wearing an Italian designer wedding dress is a great way to stand out and make a fashion statement. No other bride will look like you, since you can make special requests for modifications to be made on your handmade gown. Your Italian style will give you that exotic and everlasting look at the same time.


With the use of top quality materials, an Italian designer wedding gown makes you feel more comfortable throughout the event and you don’t have to worry about the fabric fraying or tears occurring as you move around. As our Italian designer Elisabetta Polignano says, “you recognize the finest fabrics because they are so pleasing to the touch. The dress envelops your body, naturally following its shape”.


Italian creativity is worldwide renowned. Make sure you find the authentic 100% Made in Italy though: read the tag thoroughly and feel the textiles, as we said before. “My creations are all and entirely handmade” says Elisabetta Polignano, whose creations are perfect for each bride’s personality: romantic and vintage, bold and vivacious, super classical but unique or dreamy and trailblazing.