4 plus size wedding gown trends for the gorgeous curvy bride

Inspirational 16 Jul 2015
4 plus size wedding gown trends for the gorgeous curvy bride

We love curvy brides, but not since this seems to have become a label. All women look wonderful, no matter what their size is! Luckily, plus size wedding gowns are more and more debated under the spotlight of the bridal business. Better late than never, right? We had a look at the current trends for the year 2015 and there are a few nice recurring topics as far as gowns are concerned. What do you think?


Corsets are amazing on every size, because they enhance and contour the upper part of your body and define the waist, by creating a gorgeous hourglass shape. Hourglasses need curves, hey! So if you have a generous bottom, there’s no better way to value it, rather than hiding it.


High waisted skirts are back in fashion nowadays. It’s not simply an American Apparel trend: they’re much loved and wanted also in the bridal fashion market. With high waisted gowns, waists tend to appear rather slim on every size, creating an adorable contrast between the top and the bottom of the dress. Wide skirts are preferred, in this case. How do you feel about it?


Tea-length dresses are so flattering on curvy brides, because they totally value their shapes. Also, they are perfect for the heels lovers: with the skirt ending up enough on your ankles, you may want to rock some amazing high heels and show everyone your confident walk.


Wedding gowns with sleeves have often been understood as a sign of modesty by the bride and as a declaration of frumpiness by the curvy bride in particular. We believe that every bride should feel at their best regardless of their body shape, so versatile sleeves may be an option: if you feel like covering your shoulders and arms for a while, a matching cape may be a very proper solution. Otherwise, just show off your lovely curves, lady!

Curvy or slim, personality is what makes the real difference for us. So don’t forget to choose your gown not only for its size: get inspired by the embroideries, the details, the decorations, the ribbons, the colors, the fabrics. Your wedding dress should represent who you are on the day you choose to celebrate your love with an eternal vow surrounded by your family and besties. You have the last word on any trend. What do you think of these four recurring options for plus-sized wedding gowns? Let us know in the comments down below and keep on following us for some lovely surprises on this topic!

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