Turn your “yes” in a “YES!”: 5 marriage proposal ideas to get inspired

Inspirational 7 Jul 2015
Turn your “yes” in a “YES!”: 5 marriage proposal ideas to get inspired

Most likely, there is nothing more vulnerable than asking your significant other to officially become your life partner. We can already feel the gut-wrenching “what if” questions attack popping out of any fiancée’s mind: “what if the answer is no? What if we’re not ready yet? What if my idea is the worst ever?”. Ouch.

If we unfortunately can’t do much to choose the right time for you to propose, we are surely glad to help you get inspired with five stunning marriage proposal ideas to turn that “yes” in a mind-blowing and enthusiastic state of bliss.



If your significant other is the type who can’t say no to a tiny little bit of sugar, there could be nothing better than hiding your surprise proposal somewhere he or she truly loves: a dessert! On the market it is literally full of dessert cups and plates that have messages such as “Will you marry me?” carved in their ceramics. If you both are morning types, you may want to choose a coffee cup with the written proposal carved on the bottom. Otherwise, just get in touch with your trusted cake designer and order an engagement ring holder box shaped pastry, or mini-cake: you can place your ring there and use your best charming skills to do the rest!


You surely both have your magic places, whether they’re out in the wild or in your favorite bistrot. Choosing somewhere that is clearly special for you may put your significant other at total ease and in a terribly happy mood already. So why not getting the best out of it? If your favorite spot is an outdoor one surrounded by the nature, a very romantic idea would be to carve a tiny proposal on a tree (without damaging it, of course: check your permissions and act responsibly!). If you’re a seaside kind of couple, you can write it in the sand. If your special spot is in a restaurant or in a café you love, just hide a written message in your ring holder box. Still out of inspiration? Try something really unexpected: who wouldn’t love to receive a marriage proposal from their beloved ones during a surprise trip?


Talking about rings, well, not everybody is keen on them. Some people may perceive them as stereotypically traditional symbols. Or maybe the point is that, sometimes, they’re just way too boring. If you’re into anti-ordinary choices, forget about the rings and find another piece of jewelry: a necklace or a bracelet for the two of you, with your initials (including those of your possible married surnames on them) could be a surprising hint of your proposal. Otherwise, choose a theme you both love for your rings and ask your trusted jeweler to have a special package for your rind holder box: whether it’s your favorite videogame or that TV series you won’t stop watching on Netflix, just trust your intuition and let your creativity run wild!


Since nerd is the new awesome (and you’re surely awesome beyond any label), you may want to consider a hi-tech solution for your marriage proposal: you may declare your love through a dedicated web page, or record a special podcast, or even set up a live stream channel with all your friends and beloved ones there to watch. Plus: it’s going to be low cost!


You actually would love to remember your marriage proposal forever, wouldn’t you? A photographic solution could be pretty great: you could do it in a photo booth, or hire a hidden photographer for the day. Imagine having those emotions eternalized in a series of pretty pictures for the rest of your days together! Another option could be hanging some of your best couple’s pictures indoor on a series of colorful balloons and surprise your partner with them, right before getting on your knee.

Was your marriage proposal a whole load of fun? Or will you rather share this post with your beloved one for a creative hint? Let us know in the comments!

Photo Credits: The Lettered Cottage