A scary-good idea for gun-shy couples

Inspirational 30 Oct 2020
A scary-good idea for gun-shy couples

Has he popped the question already? Sometimes it takes time for guys to propose. Maybe he will take heart in these Halloween days. After all, it would be fun and original and -admit it! – you wouldn’t see it coming.

Last time we have talked about transforming the fears brought up by these challenging times into love. How about taking advantage of the spooky atmosphere of these days for a wicked engagement? Love prevails. For some couples, it even feels perfectly cool and romantic if it is the woman to propose.

Scary? Well, he knows you and he will be the one taking charge in case you prefer the traditional way. What he shouldn’t know at all is what wedding dress you’ll be wearing on your special day. That is the kind of superstition you don’t want to break! Make sure you wear a dress that brings both your beauty and personality out. Your pumpkin’s heartbeat will be galloping for love, not for terror… blink-blink.