3 ideas for absolutely awesome engagement rings

Inspirational 4 Feb 2016
3 ideas for absolutely awesome engagement rings

Whether you or your partner decided to propose, we are sure you feel the pressure to have the idea of your life. You surely already wondered about how to make your engagement rings unique and part of an unforgettable experience, didn’t you? In the realm of awesome possibilities, there’s plenty to choose to make your beloved one’s jaw drop in absolute marvel. Here are three hints to make the best out of your proposal and shine brightly with your engagement rings:
1- Pack them greatly
Never underestimate the value of some quality packaging ideas for your sweetest moment: from shabby chic wooden crafts to pokèballs, ideas can run wild depending on your style and taste. Don’t force boundaries on your creativity for your wedding ring boxes and conquer his or her heart straight away with something that truly speaks about your love.
2- Think outside the box
If wedding rings sound so yesterday to you, lateral thinking will be your friend: find something that truly represents your couple’s style and that you can actually share with your beloved one while feeling confident and cozy wearing it on a daily basis: another piece of jewelry, perhaps. Engagement bracelets, anyone? Necklaces and earrings are very original options too!
3- Play hide and seek!
Depending on how you chose to propose, you may need a specific prop to let your partner find your rings in some completely unexpected way. You may want to hide your rings in a book that is meaningful for you, or maybe on top of a cupcake at the end of a very romantic dinner (pssst: find yourself a trusted baker for a safe and good result!). Surprise factors are key for the best emotions!
Do you have anything to add to these hints? Let us know in the comments down below!