Big Apple, Big Love

Inspirational 19 Oct 2018
Big Apple, Big Love

New York City, you are the apple of my eye! If you are planning an urban marriage, the Big Apple will definitely fulfill all your expectations. Elisabetta Polignano, recently showcasing her new collection at Bridal Fashion Week, says that New York has an “everlasting charme” and “powerful energy”. Looking at her creations walking on the streets of the City, you can feel the attraction and romance.

New York City inspires romantic ideas at each step and it is filled with perfect spots for marriage proposals or even just for a kiss. We put together some ideas to enjoy this urban romance and enrich your next-to-be bride experience.
There are many quiet spots inside Central Park where you can enjoy a picnic with your loved one and maybe the proposal will take place during this romantic encounter. Cherry on top, you might take a boat ride below the Bow Bridge.

Have you already chosen the soundtrack for your coming marriage? Catch a live jazz show in Harlem and get inspired! There are many famous nightclubs but choose one where you can make a romantic evening dinner, wine and show. Jazz is elegant and sophisticated, very appropriate for your wedding reception: if you haven’t already, make friends with Duke Ellington, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald and Miles Davis. Then you can end your inspiring jazz night with a hand in hand stroll along Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard.

Are you a New Yorker? Maybe you know the Hyden Planetarium already, but have you ever thought of spending a quiet evening under the stars with your significant one? It’s perfect for anyone who wants to escape the everyday stress. This planetarium shows impressive visuals of space, using high-resolution video projection in its Star Theater. You can gaze at the unfolding cosmos and at each other!

If you are planning a spring marriage, consider the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Perfect for your pre-wedding photoshoot, you and your sweetheart would thrive among cherry blossoms, rose gardens and all plants mentioned in Shakespeare’s poems and plays at the related Shakespeare Garden. Isn’t that super romantic?

Photo: Cristian Ferrari | Planning Event by: The Dream Lab & Rosa Tritto