Choosing love over fear makes a bride live her fairy tale

Inspirational 28 Feb 2020
Choosing love over fear makes a bride live her fairy tale

What do you fear the most about your wedding day? A survey in the UK has revealed the top 10 dreads for brides: ‘being stood up at the altar’ is the number one, as voted by 77% of respondents. Wardrobe malfunctions, bad weather and poor attendance also ranked highly. Bad photos and hair or the fear of getting sick on the wedding day might be included.

Some brides are afraid they will never find a wedding dress that fits them perfectly and make them fall in love at the same time. That’s what Elisabetta Polignano has always cared for: creating unique 100% Made in Italy garments for each bride, according to their body and personality. Elisabetta Polignano’s bride has always been brave, both romantic and determined. A strong woman who is able to listen to her inner child and realize her dreams.

Don’t let fears stop you, you don’t need to feed anxiety, you want to nurture positive feelings instead. Choose love over fear, focus on what is important. When you are confused or worried, surround yourself with beauty, walk in nature, spend quality time with your sweetheart and dear ones. Be aware of what you want for yourself and for your wedding day. Live your fairy tale!