Easy guide to bridesmaid gifts

Inspirational 8 Mar 2019
Easy guide to bridesmaid gifts

When it comes to say thank you to the people we love, nothing should be taken for granted. Here are some basic and creative ideas to make your bridesmaids happy and help you make affordable and unique gifts.

1. Make it personal
This gift should be symbolic of your relationships between you and your bridesmaid. If you choose identical gifts for your girls, add a personal touch with monograms.

2. Make it warm
If your wedding is in a cool weather, think about possible gifts to keep them warm during the party or while they’ll be waiting for you at the reception.

3. Make it comfortable
You and your bridesmaids will be spending a significant amount of time in heels. Provide each of your bridesmaids with a cute pair of flats for dancing.

4. Make it yourself
You don’t need to spend lots of money to make them happy. Consider making something yourself, especially if you are talented in art crafting or any DIY work.

5. Make it meaningful
Write each of your bridesmaids a personal note to thank her for her friendship and support through the years.