Happy Valentine’s Day! Celebrate love with personality

Inspirational 14 Feb 2020
Happy Valentine’s Day! Celebrate love with personality

Romantic dinners, candy hearts and chocolates, red roses and stuffed animals: typical Valentine’s Day fare… but not for everyone. It is nice to celebrate, why not? Just remember that you don’t need anything else than yourself to declare love.

The most romantic and sexiest thing he wants to see is your personality. Well, a sensual red dress wouldn’t hurt, but only if you feel comfortable in it and it fits your authenticity. Red draws attention and it symbolizes passion.

Not everywhere in the world though: in South Korea, for example, variations of this holiday are celebrated. On February 14th it’s up to women to woo their men with chocolates, candies and flowers. On March 14th it’s men’s turn for a holiday known as White Day. Then on April 14th it is Black Day, when singles mourn their solitary status by eating black bean-paste noodles.

All colors are good to celebrate love on Valentine’s Day, as long as they express your energy and character. If you are a bride-to-be, choose what makes you feel more comfortable: red, black, white… there’s nothing sexier than being authentically yourself.