Holiday stocking stuffer ideas for newlyweds

Inspirational 7 Dec 2018
Holiday stocking stuffer ideas for newlyweds

Just married? These days are your perfect chance to enjoy your new life as a married couple. Christmas is coming and malls are already crowded with people getting all sort of gifts to put under the Christmas tree.

Maybe you have already caught one of your new hubby’s wishes and you are ready to get him that big stereo he wanted. Still, you can show off your love with some other cool ideas that won’t make your wallet want to cry and that involve both of you… These stocking stuffers to share with your sweetheart are a perfect start of your new family’s holiday traditions.

Let’s begin from the basics: anything calling you lovebirds ‘Mr and Mrs’ will do the job. You can find many objects reporting that quote: a small plate, couples mugs, a pair of place mats, pillows, towels… so cute!

A great idea that involves both of you, new husband and wife: home spa. Yes, DIY. Get one of those boxes containing soft and perfumed bubble bath, shampoo and body lotion. You can also make it sensual with some essential oils such as patchouli, sandalwood and jasmine: a few drops diluted in the soap will be enough to make you both enjoy the snuggles even more.

Finally, something that will put your heads together whenever: earbuds will help you both rock out to your favorite holiday music. Don’t fall for the wireless version though! We absolutely want you two to share the headphones and listen to that love song closely together.