What kind of bride are you?

Inspirational 13 May 2019
What kind of bride are you?

Romantic, boho-chic, revolutionary? Every woman is unique and, when it comes to your wedding day, your personality shows itself in every detail. From the tableau de marriage and the venue for the reception to your hairdo and, of course, your wedding dress: it is definitely your special day.

Let’s find out something about your style, but above all your personality. Many brides-to-be want to surprise, they cannot be wrapped in clichés and they are very independent, decisive and determined. As the Haute Couture ‘EP Elisabetta Polignano’ line expresses, these women reveal a spirit of transformability and they are unconventional. Is that you?

Are you a graceful, sinuous dreamer then? You are a bride-to-be who loves unique and unusual en plein air locations. Your body and personality communicate lightness and versatility. You definitely embody the Elisabetta Polignano’s Vision that celebrates your character with elegance.

There you are: the sober, romantic bride. On your important day everything tells about your structured elegance and the purest perfection. Definitely the Classic.
Not yet? Maybe you are the most creative bride: you love vivacious colors and innovation, you look for balance and elegance but with a personal touch. Welcome, queen of Gala: be the star of the soirée and spread the love.