Self Love for a happy new year

Inspirational 7 Jan 2019
Self Love for a happy new year

How did you start your 2019? Holidays are great to take a break from daily routine and get together with family and friends. At the same time they can be overwhelming and, especially when we go back to work or to everyday life, it is easy to feel the blues or crash into reality.

Here are some tips to recover from that, all based on the one and only thing that will never disappoint you: self love. Let’s start from the readjustment: don’t jump into the ordinary schedule getting rid of everything holiday-related. You don’t have to stress by putting all Christmas decorations away all together: do it gradually and make your partner help, so that it won’t be a duty but rather something to do together.

If you like those checklists for the new year, just remember that you don’t need to rush. Write all down, but try not to focus on aims and projects only. Write something good about yourself and put a post-it note on the fridge, on mirrors or wherever you can see them every day of this new year. You want to remind yourself that it’s not only about ‘doing’ something but rather ‘being’ happy, because you are perfect the way you are and you are a magnet for success.

Finally, the keyword for happiness all year round: gratitude. Think of your past year and be thankful for everything, for the good things as well as the bad things that happened to you. With this state of mind, you will approach all challenges of the new year with a positive attitude, because you’ll know that any challenge is an opportunity to find your inner strength. Happy new year, just be yourself and go catch all wonders you deserve!