Trick or treat? Plan your supernatural bachelorette party

Inspirational 25 Oct 2019
Trick or treat? Plan your supernatural bachelorette party

Here is everything you and your besties need for the ultimate halloween-themed bachelorette party. This fall festivity is about to come and it’s an opportunity for brides-to-be to have fun!

1. Magical Apparel
Yes, you can figure out a scary costume for each of your battiest besties to wear. Or…consider regular outfits with a touch of creativity: use a t-shirt or a hoodie and sew on it some spooky claims. Such as “Trick or Tequila” or “Bridal party coven” or “Here’s to the ghouls’ night out”.

2. Spooky Invitations
Send invites that will make them scream. Vampires, witches, spiders and skulls will get along with puns… and, yes, you can call your friends ‘witches’ on the invite, they won’t get upset. Don’t go with the usual pumpkins images, be creative and ironic!

3. Bewitched Decor
On-theme cake topper, wine tumblers, balloons, candy and confetti… Everything at your bachelorette party will make their eyes pop out! No need to overdo, it’s better to find the right items to make everyone feel part of the coven. Creep it real!