3 ideas for your unique wedding soundtrack

Inspirational 15 Dec 2015
3 ideas for your unique wedding soundtrack

With your wedding day coming closer, you know you want to be sure you thought carefully of all the important aspects of the atmosphere you will share with your guests. All the details that come to mind are usually visual: how the wedding dress should look like, how the hairstyle will be like, how the location will look like, the wedding theme, the colors, the styling of your bouquet, the RSVP cards, the tableau, the wedding cake look-and-feel… but you sure know it’s not simply about what you see: a truly, gorgeous and unique atmosphere involves all senses, and sounds shouldn’t be neglected. Have you thought of your wedding soundtrack already? Here are some tips on how to choose it.

1. Nevermind the traditions: be yourself!

Grandma will surely want that traditional wedding track, you could picture her expectations already. But hey: it’s your day, and whatever your music tastes are, there should be some room for them during your unique celebration. Just start your brainstorming with your future spouse and save your private playlist on Spotify or on any social music platform you are comfortable with. Be true to yourselves and everything will feel amazing!

2. Any musician available? Give them their chance!

If you or your spouse have any talented musicians among your friends and some special tunes you would definitely love to hear live during your wedding day, don’t forget to engage these friends actively and give them space to play and entertain your guests: they will feel valued both as friends and as musicians and things will sound even more authentic.

3. Make it work

Ask advice to your wedding planner to make things coherent while keeping them unique and creative at the same time: if your wedding color is a traditional and pure white, your wedding theme is about a Disney character and your favorite music genre is death metal, you sure know you will need some help in keeping things together in a reasonable way. Blending, merging and adapting doesn’t necessarily mean compromising, though! Ask a helping hand to a professional and trust the fact that their experience and strategic skills will help you organize the perfect atmosphere without downsizing or changing your unique intentions and tastes. Ready to dance?

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