3 tips for your upcoming Winter wedding

Inspirational 22 Dec 2015
3 tips for your upcoming Winter wedding

Your beloved one proposed and you both chose to get married in the coldest season. Brace yourselves: a Winter wedding is coming! While your family and best friends are all looking forward to chilling out in front of the fireplace and enjoying the holidays, you’re in the middle of a creative mess because your special day is coming closer and closer. “How will I prevent my guests to freeze?”. “How can I avoid those decorations that look just Christmassy?”. “Where shall we take our wedding photos if the weather is horrible?”. If questions like these are haunting your mind, we’ve got you covered: here are our three tips for your upcoming Winter wedding!

1. Invest in a cozy indoor atmosphere

winter wedding If there’s one absolutely amazing side of getting married in Winter is the price of venues: they all definitely have lower costs than during Spring or summertime. Choose a warm indoor location and invest in magic! Wool, paper snow garlands, winter flowers, candles in jars, light strings and wooden decorations are always very classy options that make the atmosphere extra cozy and enjoyable. Terrible weather? Ask your wedding photographer to be cooperative with you and pose in some inventive indoor scenes with your spouse, in front of a fireplace, or maybe involving your guests creatively for some memorable group scenes.

2. Cold temperatures? Style in advance!

winter weddingIf the temperatures showed by the weather forecasts are not encouraging and yet some part of your wedding is planned outside, plan in advance with your wedding stylist some warm accessories that could match your wedding gown and prevent you from freezing: a fluffy, white cape or a cozy shawl in thick wool may be gorgeous looking options for you to choose. Ask for assistance for the choice of your wedding shoes and if stiletto’s are your option, try to agree with your wedding stylist for some warm leg warmers that match your gown, or the main color of your bouquet. And don’t forget to provide a warm blanket for all your guests! Snowy area? Remember to enjoy a few outdoor moments with your wedding photographer and capture that white, magical beauty in some memorable shootings.

3. Make it extra sweet!winter wedding cupcake

To enhance the cozy atmosphere, there’s nothing better than enjoying some warmth and sweet tooth after a delicious wedding lunch. Choose a wedding cake that matches the winter color palette you chose for your main decorations and provide some extra sweetness for your guests: from spicy winter tea, to chai latte, to hot chocolate, options for warm beverages are many. If a wedding cake is not in your budget or if it doesn’t suit your tastes, you can opt for some cupcakes decorated with some winter-ish spirit. Last but not least: what about some sugar cookies as wedding favors for your guests? Of course they can be shaped as ice crystals, to honor the amazing season you chose for your special day.

Do you have anything to add or any questions regarding our tips? Let us know in the comments down below!

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