Yoga and other pampering for your springtime

Inspirational 20 Mar 2020
Yoga and other pampering for your springtime

“My brides-to-be are real women, they are my muses”. This is what Elisabetta Polignano always says. It is not only about designing precious and beautiful wedding gowns, it is about dressing women’s personality and their authentic beauty.

As everybody knows by now, staying healthy is important to keep our beauty. Diet is pivotal: according to some nutritionists, proteins nurture muscles and you should never eliminate them. Crudités are rich in nutrients, including vitamin C and folate, which otherwise are destroyed from cooking.

If you have been feeling overwhelmed during these days, consider practicing yoga and meditation at home: it really balances your physical and mental energies. Even just long, deep breathing expands your lungs capacity, bringing calmness and improving your complexion. If you are so lucky to have a garden, spend time in nature: harvesting vegetables, for example, makes you feel peaceful and relaxed.